Configuring Point-to-site in Azure Resource Manager

In addition to creating a site to site connection in Azure, you can also use the same gateway to configure a Point-to-site connection. Point-to-site configuration allows a secure connection from a client computer, individually, to the virtual network in Azure. It’s a very good solution when you need to work remotely or when you need to give temporary access to a customer to connect to a virtual network.


How to reset Azure ARM VM credentials

Just a quick tip for today. If you need to reset the administrative credentials of your Virtual Machine running ARM (IaaS v2), use one of the two solutions below:

Using Powershell cmdlets:

Download from:

PS C:\> Login-AzureRmAccount
PS C:\> Set-AzureRmVMAccessExtension -ResourceGroupName RESOURCE_GROUP_NAME -Name HOSTNAME -VMName VM_NAME -UserName USER -Password PASSWORD

Using the CLI:

Download from:

> azure login
> azure config mode arm
> azure vm reset-access -g RESORCE_GROUP_NAME -n VM_NAME -u USER -p PASSWORD

That’s it! You should be able to login to your VM now.

Azure “Always On” VPN Point to Site Workaround

Hello, everyone! Recently, I talked about how to deconstruct the Azure VPN client (article in Portuguese) detailing a process to manually create the VPN connection between On-premises and Azure. Today I’m going to give a workaround to keep the connection alive all the time. As you may know, there’s no built-in functionality in Windows to automatically reconnect or start the connection after the boot process. The idea is to use the information we gathered from the first article to create a script to close the connection between the parties.


Web App analytics with Azure Application Insights and WordPress

Application insights has been a great ally to help developers detect, diagnose and understand users behavior in applications. For those new to this platform, Application Insights is an analytics solution that monitors live applications no matter if they are web or a stand-alone app running Windows, iOS, OSX or Android.


In this article, we talk about a new plugin released by Microsoft that makes very easy to integrate Azure Application Insights with WordPress.


Configurando VPN Point to Site para o Azure Manualmente

Recentemente tive problemas com o cliente de VPN que a rede virtual do Microsoft Azure oferece para instalação. A instalação ocorreu conforme planejado em 8 de 10 estações de trabalho. Nas duas restantes, por mais que a instalação fosse refeita diversas vezes, o cliente apresentava problemas geralmente relacionados ao certificado, que obviamente fiz questão de conferir dezenas de vezes se estava correto. Neste artigo vou demonstrar como fazer para configurar manualmente a VPN com o gateway do Azure nestes cenários onde o cliente não funciona como deveria.


Atualizando Azure AD Sync e DirSync para Azure AD Connect

O Azure AD Connect é o mais novo lançamento da Microsoft para fazer o sincronismo do nosso ADDS on-premises com o Azure AD. Antes dele, tínhamos duas ferramentas que faziam esse serviço: Dirsync e Azure AD Sync. A promessa do Azure AD Connect é de substituir e acabar de vez com a confusão que essas duas ferramentas criaram. Neste artigo vou mostrar como funciona o procedimento de atualização do Azure AD Sync para o Azure AD Connect. Note que o processo é exatamente igual para quem estiver utilizando o DirSync.